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How Your IP Address Change Now and Then

For most of those that are regular computer users, our IPv4 lease are provided by an Internet Service Provider (ISP), an average of a cable company such as Cox Communications, Time Warner Cable or a telephone company like AT&T. Once you set up an account with an ISP, they can automatically assign you a specific IP.

The ISP Will Probably have to visit your home to set up your Connection, and then you’ll be ready to hook up your computer and modem into your network to be online. You’ll understand that everything’s working once you open an online browser to do an internet search on Google or even to send an email–and that which works just fine. If it does not work initially, you May Need to work along with your ISP’s technical

Section to get everything straightened out.

Luckily for most of us, all of these technical things happen In the background. That is, technology is so complicated these days, it doesn’t take too much time to get everything working, plus it will not require too much effort on our part. Your personal computer networking hardware, your modem, as well as the full TCP/IP media software built into your computer sorts out it.

About”your” IP address.

And among the first things, you may do with a new Connection would be to see exactly what your IP address is. Get a note of this IP Address–but don’t get too attached as most likely, your ISP is referred to as a Powerful IP address, so it’s subject to change you. Will, nonetheless it can.) As a static IP. .unchanging.

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