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oakcover magazine : The history of Women’s Day

Campaigns for equal rights for women continue throughout the year. oakcover magazine Browse more about #IWD within this report.
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International Women’s Day on 8 March is a day to observe the social, political, and economic accomplishments of women, reflect on advancement, and demand gender equality. For more than one 100 decades, International Women’s Day has placed the spotlight upon issues affecting women all over the globe. Today, International Women’s Day belongs to everyone who thinks that women’s rights are individual.

Across the world, significantly less than 15% of the planet’s Countries have a lady leader. Only 24 percent of senior managers are now women, and 25 percent of organizations have no female senior managers at all. Women do precisely the lowest-paid jobs and get less money for correctly the very same work. This gap in pay is known as the gender pay difference; also for ladies in many places, including Britain and America, the difference is getting worse. Women are also more likely to do the majority of housework and childcare. Each one of these issues affects women of color more than they do white women.

When it comes to health and security, women also face significant inequalities. An estimated 830 women per day die in childbirth. There are several shocking statistics for female rape too. Last year the UN discovered that their partner or former partner murdered 137 women per day. Worldwide, more than 50 percent of female murders are perpetrated by the victim’s partner or family. Once they have access to medical education and care, women are more likely to be discounted by health practitioners once they state they’re in pain and acute health issues are sometimes cut for several years.

The history of Women’s Day

Back in 1908, 15,000 girls in New York went on strike because of Low pay and dreadful conditions in the factories where they worked. The subsequent year, the Socialist Party of America organized a National Women’s Day, also one year after that, there was a summit at Copenhagen, Denmark, roughly equality and women’s right to vote.

What happens on 8 March?

In some countries, children and men offer presents, blossoms Or cards to their mothers, wives, sisters along with other women they know. However, at the Heart of International Women’s Day establishes women’s rights. Across the Earth, their Many women wear purple, a shade Worn by women who campaigned for women’s right to vote. Recently, marches and also Protests have attained force because of the #MeToo along with #TimesUp moves against Sexual harassment. There’s still a lot of work to be achieved for gender equality. But women’s movements all over the world are prepared to do that function and so are Gaining momentum.

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